Air Liquide improves customer diagnosis rate thanks to video assistance

August 04 2020
remote video assistance

Air Liquide Assistance's front-office technicians can provide instant video assistance to their customers since December 2019. By allowing technical experts to see the customer's installation as if they were on site, this feature improves their diagnosis, increases the rate of remote troubleshooting and, in doing so, customer satisfaction. Based on the WebRTC protocol, this video-assistance solution uses the customer's smartphone camera. This innovation was developed in collaboration with Diabolocom, whose Voice Management Solution had already been used by many Air Liquide's entities for years.

"In 2017 we started wondering how digital could help us improve our remote diagnosis and, as a result, the service provided to our industrial customers" explains Jean-Philippe Michard, head of the Technical Assistance front office teams. The idea of video assistance came to me quite quickly, but I wanted a solution that was very easy to use by our technicians."

He reached out to a service provider with whom another Air Liquide entity was developing a project. The decision was made to work with this service provider on a smartphone video assistance solution, which is the least expensive and least restrictive device available since many customers are equipped with it. 

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Great minds meet great minds!

This project was almost finished when Air Liquide Assistance found out that Diabolocom had a beta version of the video-assistance solution. "We decided to test it right away because it had a major advantage for the technicians: the possibility of having a real integrated Voice-Visio tool, which was not the case with the other project." Indeed, Diabolocom designed its visio from the outset so that it could be directly accessible in the interface of its voice management solution, a daily work tool for technicians. "Tests were carried out between Diabolocom and our teams to refine the tool. Once we considered that it was operational, we started using it with our customers, on a case-by-case basis


A very useful tool when you need to clear up a doubt!

You don't mess with the safety of a gas installation!
When a customer reaches out to the 24-hour team dedicated to safety, his explanations do not always give the technician an accurate picture of the situation, the level of risk and, consequently, the measures to be taken. The problem described by a customer calling technical support during the day may or may not be resolved remotely. In either case, if the technician has any doubts and wants to be sure of his diagnosis, he can now offer the customer to switch to video-assistance.
If the customer accepts, he receives an SMS on his smartphone containing a link that he just has to click on to activate the camera. The customer has nothing to download and activating the video does not interrupt the current phone call. The technician can then ask the customer to show him or her this or that part of the installation to confirm his or her diagnosis, guide him or her through the manipulations required to solve the problem or secure the installation while waiting for a technician to intervene on site.
"Our technicians are experts in telephone diagnosis and remote troubleshooting. They know the installations, the types of problems and, in the majority of cases, do not need visual confirmation to make the right decision" says Jean-Philippe Michard. On the other hand, in situations where there is doubt, ambiguity or a risk of misunderstanding, video is a valuable tool for spotting what is wrong and, whenever possible, helping the customer remotely, with his help by telling him step by step what to do: "This prevents technicians from being sent on site for a detail!"


An appreciated technology

Customers helped by video assistance appreciate the simplicity of the experience and its efficiency. They are reassured by the fact that the technician can see their installation, visually identify the faulty element and, if necessary, guide them through a handling operation. The first benefit for them is that they can be helped more quickly - not only remotely, but also when the problem requires intervention. While visio avoids a number of on-site interventions, it also increases the efficiency of those that are indispensable. Because video diagnosis are more accurate than "blind" diagnosis, the technician who goes on site knows exactly why and has all the necessary equipment and parts in his or her vehicle to repair the problem on the first visit.
"By discovering this video-assistance option, most of our clients congratulated us" says Jean-Philippe Michard. "It shows that we have really turned to digital and it's excellent for our brand image! And as they talk about it around them, it becomes a differentiator from the competition."
After having been offered on a case-by-case basis, video-assistance will soon be mentioned in support contracts - not to systematize or impose its use, but so that customers know that they can benefit from it.


A novelty very well received by customers

Appreciated by customers who have experienced it, the voice-controlled video is also used by technicians who, in the field for troubleshooting or equipment changes, need the advice of an expert from the Technical Assistance Centre.

"We have communicated a lot on this project internally and since the solution works very well, other Air Liquide business units that use the Diabolocom voice management solution have decided to deploy the video" underlines Jean-Philippe Michard. This is the case of our colleagues at Air Liquide Advanced Technologies and Air Liquide Healthcare, as well as Air Liquide Spain and Air Liquide Italy, who are considering switching their voice management tool to Diabolocom and who see visio as a real plus."
While the visio is working its way through Air Liquide, Jean-Philippe Michard continues to work with Diabolocom to make the video-assistance even more user-friendly and easy for customers to use, based on customer feedback. At the same time, in the short term he plans to integrate Diabolocom with Salesforce, as is already the case in the Customer Care Division and other group entities. Thanks to this integration with their CRM, technicians will benefit from automatic customer identification. Instead of asking for the customer's contract number, the technician will have this information in the customer file and will be able to access the characteristics of the installation concerned more quickly in SAP. "This will be more comfortable and time-saving for technicians and, for customers, a more fluid experience since they will no longer have to provide certain information before getting to the reason for their call" concludes Jean-Philippe Michard.

The organization and the solution in short


  • Handling and processing of 4,000 to 4,500 incoming calls per month

Key Feature :

  • Video-assistance integrated in the Diabolocom Inbound Voice Management Solution
  • Launching the video in one click in the Diabolocom interface
  • Voice-Visio Coupling using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol

Benefits :

  • Reliability of diagnosis performed by technicians
  • Increase in the rate of remote troubleshooting and elimination of certain low value-added on-site interventions
  • Gain in efficiency during on-site interventions thanks to a better qualification of the tasks to be carried out.
  • Gain in terms of brand image by offering a digital solution that does not require any installation at the customer's site.


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