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Coaching advisors: the differentiator in the quality of customer relationships

Coaching customer service advisers is a fundamental part of the management of customer relationship teams. But what exactly does this ‘coaching’ involve?

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5 good resolutions to make you stand out with your customer experience in 2019

You have a lot more tools at your disposal than you imagine for 2019 to make your business as successful as possible- provided you utilise them properly. In our eyes, customer experience is a great place to start because it is the only area that allows you to make a lasting difference for your customers, especially in your contact centre.

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Keep the Grinch away from your contact centre!

It’s that time of year again as retailers all over the world prepare themselves for the Christmas rush. For businesses the season of goodwill brings with it great opportunity for revenue generation but also presents a challenge as retailers scramble to keep up with an intense period of customer demand.

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Everything you need to know about outbound and call blending in The UK Contact Centre Decision Maker’s Guide 2018-2019

How can contact centres increase their customer satisfaction rating, reduce agent attrition or perhaps speed up their customer identification?

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Two situations that customers hate over the phone - and how to fix it

From simple information requests to complaints, customers have a thousand reasons to call a company's contact centre. Many will choose the phone, rather than e-mail for example, because they see this channel as the fastest and most convenient way to get the information, the resolution, or the advice they desire. Nevertheless, there are two very common situations that all customers who call a contact centre hate above all else. We explore these below as well as our tips for eliminating, or at least minimising, these major irritants in your own contact centre.

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What is the secret to customer loyalty?

As the digital age continues to transform how businesses operate and communicate with customers, customer loyalty is more valuable than ever. The online community allows customers to repeatedly share experiences, good and bad across various social media sites and networks in an instant, making it more important than ever to make customers happy!

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Optimise your contact centre with CRM integration

Traditionally, the handling of the customer relationship involves two categories of software. On the one hand, the CRM: designed to support all the stages of the relationship between the company and its customers; and, on the other hand, the contact centre solution, dedicated to the management of the interactions.

In the past, weak integration between these systems and information siloes in organisations have made it difficult for these two types of software to communicate with each other. In the best case-scenario contact centre staff would have access to the systems, albeit separately- employees would have to switch back and forth tediously between systems to get a holistic view of the customer. In the worst cases, the customer service department and the sales department would operate with completely different systems with no junction between them, making it impossible to have a truly complete view of the customer profile.

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Does your business need a Chief Experience Officer?

The Chief Experience Officer (CXO), or Customer Experience Manager (CXM), is a relatively new role revolutionising the corporate hierarchy. Its emergence reflects how 80% of businesses are expecting to compete mainly on customer experience in the future[1].

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Diabolocom exhibits at eCommerce Expo 2018

The Diabolocom team were delighted to exhibit at last week’s eCommerce Expo held at London’s Kensington Olympia on the 26th and 27th September.

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Maximising the benefits of voice in customer service

Voice interaction remains an effective channel in customer relations, allowing customers to easily explain a situation and receive any emotional support if needed. Voice is in high demand from customers and so it is important to consider the strain this can place on call agents. We have outlined some simple ways to maximise the benefits of your voice channel and ensure both advisors and customers have the best possible experience.

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