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Decathlon Pro sees Return on Investment from Diabolocom solution in 4 months

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Decathlon Pro, the professional equipment and gear subsidiary of popular French brand, Decathlon.

Decathlon is one of the leading global brands for sportswear and equipment; recognised not only for its high-quality but also its dedication to making sport accessible for everyone.

As such, delivering expert product advice to customers is an imperative for the brand.

Since Decathlon Pro decided to offer its products and services exclusively online and through its catalogue, its relationship with customers now rests largely on the phone. Our partnership with Decathlon Pro is aimed at supporting the company’s 50 remote sale agents based in Villeneuve-de-France who are now responsible for Decathlon’s 300-store strong customer base.

With 300,000 minutes of incoming calls per year requiring a superior customer service, Decathlon Pro needed a robust and flexible solution for its customer experience.

Decathlon Pro chose our solution to support their customer experience management, owing to its functionality, swift implementation, usage billing model and ability to enhance overall customer interactions.

After only 4 months of use, Eric Lock the General Manager of Decathlon Pro, saw significant return on investment (ROI) from his new telephony solution: both economically and in terms of quality of service.

Thanks to the innovative features of the Diabolocom solution, customers can quickly access advice on-demand. Advisors are instantly accessible online and the system will automatically redirect within a core team of experts that can offer the same department-specific and product knowledge. In this way, the customer can always communicate with an agent who can provide expertise specifically related to the inquiry.

The Diabolocom team is always easily accessed for centre support and implementation changes to the main work tool when required.

Frédéric Durand, CEO and founder of Diabolocom, said, “We are delighted to be working with Decathlon Pro who understand the value of excellent customer service. The Diabolocom solution supports Decathlon Pro’s call agents in delivering that high-quality, seamless customer experience which gives customers’ access to assistance or advice at any time.”