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Business is business: The interest of frank conversations in hope that one-day you can drive, a Lamborghini Diablo!

Extract from the book Business is business, published by Malpaso and Diabolocom

Isidore Lechat and digital platforms

In 2018, 700,000 French people chose to become self-employed. They did not intend to create unicorns, these now famous companies valued at over a billion euro, have not stayed in line with the ideas of prestigious business schools or management where they teach the development of a business. Many will step away from the risky but rewarding adventure of creating their business when confronted by the many forms and applications necessary to start it. Perhaps the shop will never be busy enough to transform the initial project into a small company (fewer than 10 employees), or even a mid-sized company. Whatever! One thing is certain: there is no ‘What do I know’ about the art of doing business. Had it existed during the digital revolution it would require a quasi-complete rewriting.

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By bringing together many testimonies to form this book, collected over twenty years of field journalism by the author and supplemented by some articles read and picked out here and there, the intention of the two editors is simple at the same time maybe a little outdated: to give and share the advice and true stories from those who have done it, survived, learned, moved, smiled & sometimes spent time in prison, or have avoided it! It will reveal stories from model agency directors, real estate agents, directors of cultural sign, CDOs (chief digital officers), Directors of HR etc. all chosen because they are doers. One of the dangers to be avoided is not just to hear from people who speak only to make it sound like everything is OK, without any real basis or verification. On the contrary, when the lawyer Maxime Delhomme suggests some ways to do business and some ways to avoid or when Cyril Brulé or Philippe Lederman tells their story, their words are heard: They have been or still are in charge of business that work.


From a Peugeot 205 xad to a Lamborghini Diablo

In the famous play Les Affaires sont les affaires by Octave Mirbeau -which continues to be performed more than one hundred and sixteen years after its creation - Isidore Lechat is a businessman obsessed by the final result with little interest in the consequences of his actions in obtaining it. If your small business is growing fast and one day the IPO is looming or you’re simply thinking about having to hire more staff, or to be called Sir by your banker, or be able to store your 205 xad* in the garage to be replaced by a spacious hybrid sedan, or any other issues that are keeping you awake at night. That’s why we made this book: Business is Business, les affaires sont les affaires.

The modern corporate executive resembles Isidore Lechat who has ambition, who has the desire to conquer the world away from his home and who would read and appreciate Spinoza (L’éthique). Welcome to this collection of testimonies, imagined as a conversation with those who preceded you; you can start reading when you desire, without anyone knowing what you read or what you are interested in. Sometimes secrets and confidentiality are good: Bernardo Provenzano and his pizzini do not appear in this book (page 150) by chance. It is not by chance that it is co-edited with a company specializing in conversations (Diabolocom) that was created by a young ambitious engineer, and now operating in several countries.

Happy reading!

Manuel Jacquinet

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Nb: When I want to tease Frédéric, I tell him that he created the Lamborghini Diablo of customer interactions. Not everyone can afford it, but it is not forbidden to dream!

*Affordable utility car from 1985, resilient and efficient, created by Peugeot and which allowed the recovery of VAT. It was simply necessary to raise the volume on the car radio to hear the K7.

Extract from the book Business is business, published by Malpaso and Diabolocom, in April 2019. Author Manuel Jacquinet.