Everything you need to know about outbound and call blending in The UK Contact Centre Decision Maker’s Guide 2018-2019

How can contact centres increase their customer satisfaction rating, reduce agent attrition or perhaps speed up their customer identification?

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Three reasons why brands still need voice in their customer relations

The range of digital channels now available and the rise of automation has transformed the world of customer relations. It might seem that simple voice interaction is no longer needed, or effective. On the contrary, voice remains a popular and valuable mode for communication amongst customers. When delivering a superior customer experience with meaningful interactions, there are at least three key reasons why voice remains the best tool for your brand.

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Three things that should never happen in your contact centre

Your contact centre is the strategic hub of your customer relationships. It is often the main point of contact for your customers and represents an important step in building a relationship with your business. Of course, when handling a large number of customer queries, complaints and resolving a variety of issues, there is potential for a less than perfect experience.

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